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The Last of Us’ Remake Ending Will Probably Be More Controversial Than the Original

Though it has not been announced in any official capacity, rumors continue to stir about a supposed remake of The Last of Us. Rumors have speculated its release window, as well as the inclusion and reprisal of a multiplayer Factions mode. Of course, the remake’s existence is not yet confirmed to be true, but there are a number of things to consider if it does end up being true.

Most importantly, it must be remembered that because it is billed as a remake and not another remaster, which The Last of Us had already been given in its transition from PS3 to PS4, scenes will likely be changed in order to angle perspectives and situations differently. One reason Naughty Dog could have for a remake, aside from capitalizing on its most beloved franchise, is to color characters and sequences differently to fit The Last of Us’ overarching narrative.


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How Joel is Depicted in the Rumored Remake Will Be Interesting

One of the most significant yet inevitable changes The Last of Us’ remake will need to address is the murder of Jerry Anderson. Flashbacks in The Last of Us 2 depicted Jerry’s death and, loosely rewriting its canon, Jerry is clearly visible as the surgeon that players are forced to kill in order to retrieve Ellie. Meanwhile, in The Last of Us, the character that would supposedly be Jerry looks nothing like Jerry from The Last of Us 2.

This is likely because Naughty Dog had not thought far enough ahead during the first game’s development to have decided that this particular surgeon’s death would be as consequential and significant as it was. While undeserved, the lingering vitriol around The Last of Us 2 concerns the death of Joel Miller.

Because Joel is a character that players could empathize with after having learned his perspective and been alongside him for almost all the original game, fans were understandably upset when the character was suddenly killed by a fresh face in the franchise who players could not yet empathize with. However, with time, players do learn Abby’s perspective and her desire to kill Joel is as reasonable as any of the decisions that Joel had to make in the original game.

It will be interesting to see how characters are colored with regard to their fates and decisions made in The Last of Us 2. Naughty Dog could choose to double-down further on its portrayal of Joel as a ruthless murderer and show sequences from his past where he and Tommy torture bandits.

Either way, this is a decision Naughty Dog will be making, and it will stir even more controversy about Joel if he is portrayed in a new light, even if it is a more accurate depiction of what players could not readily see. Joel is a decent man from the right perspective, but that is not the only perspective of the character, and which perspective Naughty Dog will lean into is yet to be seen.

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HBO’s The Last of Us Series May Technically Count as a Second Remake

Strangely, it seems as if The Last of Us’ live-action HBO series is also acting as a sort of remake to the original installment. Set photos have shown images of Boston streets with dilapidated vehicles that have overgrowth pouring out of them, as well as specific imagery that represents iconic moments and locations from The Last of Us.

It is not clear how faithful HBO is planning to make its live-action adaptation, but some clues have determined it will branch out a little further from the story fans know. New scenes can shed light on relationships that had not been fleshed out, such as that of Bill and Frank.

This would also help to legitimize it in the eyes of fans who feel a remake is redundant. Indeed, if it was going to be a shot-for-shot recreation of the original it might feel repetitive. If the remake of The Last of Us does release sometime this year as a recent rumor suggests, then the HBO series will likely be releasing much later. This could give enough time for fans to be caught up on its story with an overhaul to visuals and gameplay on next-gen consoles, and it may be interesting to see whether the HBO series decides to follow the story path from the original The Last of Us or its remake.

The Last of Us remake is rumored to be in development for PS5.

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