NPD's Most-Played Games List Of Q1 Doesn't Include Elden Ring

NPD’s Most-Played Games List Of Q1 Doesn’t Include Elden Ring

The top 10 most-played video games of Q1 2022 have been revealed, and 2022’s best-selling game of the year so far in the US–Elden Ring–did not make it into the chart.

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella shared a list of the most-played games in the US for the January-March period, ranked by year of initial release, and sourced to the NPD’s PlayerPulse survey. As you can see in the chart below, half of the games in the top 10 were not released this decade. As for Elden Ring, it ranked 20th overall for Q1 2022, outpaced by titles like Skyrim (released originally in 2011), the MMO World of Warcraft, and Rocket League.